Take pride in your ride and recycle your old locks

IMG_0779Nottinghamshire police and the transport organisation, Sustrans, are offering cyclists the chance to protect their bikes from thieves.

Bicycle owners are being given the opportunity to bring their old bike locks and exchange them for a newer higher standard one, at no cost at all.

The “swap a lock”  scheme is being delivered as part of the Nottingham Urban Area’s successful Local Sustainable Transport Fund Programme.  Reducing bicycle theft is one way that Nottingham City Council, is realising its ambition  of establishing the city as a leader for integrated sustainable transport.


Sarah Briley, Smarter Travel Officer, Central Nottingham


Swap A Lock Campaign

Swap A Lock Campaign

The campaign, funded by Sustrans Nottingham,  is urging bike owners to take advantage of the free scheme.

Dr Bike will also be at each session offering free bike safety and maintenance checks.


Chief Inspector Steve Cartwright said: More and more people are taking up cycling, inspired by the likes of the Tour de France or the desire to be a little more environmentally friendly during their daily commute.”

“But there has also been an increase in the number of bikes being stolen, something we are working with our partners to tackle.”


Swap your lock

Places where locks can be exchanged. Date and Time

He added, “In the last financial year, almost 2,500 bicycles were stolen from across Nottinghamshire; an increase of  250 more than the previous year.

“More than 1000 were stolen in the city and almost 1200 were stolen across the county.”

“The ‘swap a lock’ campaign is a free and easy way for you to reduce the risk of your ride being stolen, so you don’t get saddled with a long walk home”


Opinions from local residents

The hope is to reduce the number of bicycle thefts which occur, and to encourage more bike riders and users to start cycling more often. The benefits will be rewarding in more ways than one.

Safety tips

  • Lock bicycle tight.
  • Lock bicycle to stand.
  • Park bike in visible area.
  • Park in variety of places.
  • Keep bicycle lock above ground.
  • Keep removable items with you.

Secure lockers are available in Nottingham at these locations:


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