Potty training; Schools concerned about kids up to 11 still wearing nappies.

539082421_ea12a304e6_oTeachers have reported pupils as old as 11 who are classed as healthy, have no medical conditions or developmental issues, but are unable to use the toilet.


A recent survey carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Research shows around 1600 pupils over five years of age are unable to go to the bathroom alone.

Teachers are concerned at the numbers of pupils and young children who were starting school without basic essential skills, such as being able to use a paint brush or using a knife and fork whilst eating.

Julia Whitmore, Deputy Head Teacher, Sycamore Academy Nottingham

Data collected shows around one in 10 heads and senior staff at primary schools who replied back had stated that in the past academic year, a child between the age of five and seven had worn a nappy. Leading to growing evidence in recent years that kids are starting school still in nappies.

The figure for classroom teachers was five per cent respectively.

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Almost one  in 20 head teachers  and senior staff also said that in the last academic year a child between the age of seven and eleven had worn a nappy to school.  One per cent of classroom teachers surveyed,  admitted that they had experience of older children with nappies.


Experts say it is the working parents who need to do more to teach their children essential skills..

More than 600 teachers in primary schools and more than 550 secondary school teachers took part in the survey.


Colourful Nappies

Colourful Nappies




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