Burglaries are on the rise in Nottingham

burglary-pic-2psBurglaries in Nottingham have increased by 12% despite crime across the county falling and residents are being told to remain vigilant against opportunistic criminals.


Data from the Office for National Statistics showed there were 4,520 domestic burglaries in Nottinghamshire hitting the county last year alone, almost as many as Derbyshire and Lincolnshire combined.

The data, which showed a 12% increase on the figures from 2012, also went against the trend across England and Wales which has seen domestic burglary cases fall steadily year on year since 2001.

Police are working with probation and prison services to deal with burglars more effectiveley

Police are working with probation and prison services to deal with burglars more effectiveley

This comes as the Home Office announced that overall crime levels were at their lowest level since 1981.

Local Neighbourhood Watch groups have urged people not to play straight into the hands of burglars.

David Rhodes - Chairman of Nottingham Neighbourhood Watch

David Rhodes – Chairman of Nottingham Neighbourhood Watch

David Rhodes from the Neighbourhood Watch said: “All of the evidence suggests many burglaries are opportunists walking through unlocked doors or climbing through unlocked windows.”

David Rhodes believes that many incidents can be preventable.

But while crime statistics are down across the country; burglary, robbery, shoplifting, and incidents of violence are all up in Nottingham.

notts-police-logoDespite the figures showing burglaries increasing across the county, Superintendent Simon Firth believes that the recent figures are a blip.

“If you look over the last ten years, last year we suffered a third less burglaries than we did ten years ago.

“Over the last four years burglaries halved in Nottinghamshire, so whilst the figures are disappointing, we have to put them in to context that overall the trend is down.

Nottinghamshire’s Super Intendant Simon Firth believes that this years figures are just a blip.

“Burglary is a key Priority for Nottinghamshire Police, we have dedicated staff investigating the crimes and we urge people to take simple precautions to prevent themselves from being a victim.

If you have been a victim of a burglary please contact crime stoppers or contact the police on 101.

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