Nottingham QMC’s trauma centre to expand across East Midlands and save more lives

qmcfront thumbnailNottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre specialist trauma unit will be expanded to cover all the East Midlands, taking patients from Derby, Burton, Lincoln and beyond.


The specialist trauma unit at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre has already saved more than a hundred lives in its short history, and is likely to save even more after its expansion.

Since it opened in 2012, the trauma unit at the QMC has been giving patients with serious injuries – from incidents such as car crashes or sporting accidents – a second chance at life.

5d[8]cymkIn that time the specialist unit has saved one hundred and three people who would otherwise have died if it weren’t for the centre.

The expansion means that the centre will cover the whole of the East Midlands, taking patients from hospitals in Derby, Burton, Lincoln and more.

‘Without that care that he had there, he wouldn’t have survived.’ -Jonny Freeman

ambulancesFor Jonny Freeman, one trauma centre played a pivotal role in saving the life of a family member, and he believes that without centres like these there’s no doubt that hundreds more lives would be lost every year.

Experts believe that the expansion could result in the hospital being able to care for another four hundred and fifty patients a year, of which one hundred and eighty lives could be saved.

Tom Joyce, who comes from a family of people at a high risk of strokes, feels that expanding the trauma centre will help put a lot of people’s minds at rest when it comes to emergency treatment.


How important are these trauma centres for the general well-being and safety of the community? In Jonny Freeman’s opinion, the worth of a trauma centre cannot be emphasised enough.



After the success of the past two years, coupled with East Midlands Ambulance Service‘s Better Patient Care Quality plans, it appears that the trauma centre will be able to continue saving more lives in the future.

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