Campaign to lower the age of cervical cancer screening

-smear_The age limit young women can be tested for cervical cancer will be debated in Parliament today.  The Cervical Cancer Trust want this lowered to age 20.


Almost a third of women do not know what causes cervical cancer according to new research from the Cervical Cancer Trust (CCT).Factbox

Because of this, prevention programmes such as cervical screening are extremely important.  is calling for more to be done.

The age at which women receive their first cervical screening test currently stands at 25 but a campaign by CCT is going a head to try and get the age lowered to 20.

Natalie Carnie from Mansfield was 22 when she was diagnosed and says getting a smear test is very important.


The rate of survival of women in the UK with cervical cancer is clear: the sooner it is checked out, the better rate of survival.


Cancer Research UK statistics between 2010-2011

Tricia Illson, from the Cervical Cancer Trust, says awareness of the issue is crucial.


Cervical Screening Awareness Week runs from June 8-15 which aims to show how important it is to get checked to prevent cancer.


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