Nottingham cabbies want CCTV cameras installed sooner

taxi-pic-3.-for-webjpgMore help with levels of abuse is needed according to Nottingham cabbies. With a recent initiative launched many drivers are still waiting for their CCTV cameras.


More than  100 Nottingham hackney cabs will be installed with CCTV cameras to try and make their jobs safer – according to the Police and Crime Commissioner who is backing the scheme.

Paddy Tipping said: “There have been difficulties getting the scheme off the ground but I have a cunning plan to get more people involved. I’ve been toying with the idea of giving the first five people who come to me the cameras for free. A bit of financial help will make the scheme go forward.

“Ultimately I hope everyone will see it gives them an advantage having the CCTV. I hope women and students will feel safer as well when they need to get a taxi and feel they have more protection. Many cab drivers are from an Asian background and get many racist remarks  so I hope the cameras will encourage better behaviour.”

Many taxi drivers who have signed up for the scheme and paid money to get them installed, are saying it is taking a little too long.

Abuse, threats and violence make up a large part of their lives but many hope this will change.

Taxi driver Nilmal Singh Takhbol said: “I signed up for the scheme a while ago. People will now behave. I’ve been a taxi driver for about twenty years now and I’ve had quite a few problems with people shouting at me and hitting my window. This scheme is a good thing but while the police help us, they can’t be everywhere at the same time.  ”

The installation of CCTV cameras into Nottingham’s cabs will be rolled out on June 7.

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