Favourite music helping people with dementia in Nottingham

dementiaFWNottingham’s ‘Sound track to my life’ scheme is reconnecting dementia sufferers to their past by using their favourite music to calm them.


Dementia is often called the long good bye because of it’s longevity but also because family and friends witness a prolonged decline of their loved ones’ memory.

800,000 people in the UK have dementia, a figure which is set to rise to over a million by 2021.

According to the Alzheimer’s Society 670,000 people care for reletives or friends with dementia, saving the UK £8 billion a year, as two thirds of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s are living in the community.

Dementia sufferers can have memories reawakened by familiar music

Dementia sufferers can have memories reawakened by familiar music

The ‘sound track to my life’ is a tool designed by  Nottingham company Jo Co Learning development, exclusively for dementia sufferers.

Dementia effects people of all ages and races. Bill Lawler’s daughter has the condition.

“Now we play the music, she seems to be awake a lot more and actually listening to what we are playing. I think it’s really helped.”


Councillor Alex Norris is the lead Councillor for Public Health and Adult services for Nottingham City and is a supporter of the programme.

Carers who have been a part of the training programme have received  their new qualifications today.

The scheme is supported by The Institute of Mental Health and also Nottingham City Council.





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