Nottinghamshire Police clamp down on mobile phone drivers

Will4More than 1000 drivers in Nottingham have been caught using their mobile phones as part of a two month campaign to stop dangerous driving.


The initiative by Nottinghamshire police is targeting drivers across the county breaking the law behind the wheel during April and May.

More than 1000 drivers were caught in the first two weeks of April alone.

All those that were stopped were either driving without wearing a seatbelt or whilst using a handheld mobile phone

Drivers face a £100 fine or a safety awareness course if caught using their phone

Drivers face a £100 fine or a safety awareness course if caught using their phone

Nottingham Chief Inspector Andy Charlton said: “Significant numbers of people still regard their addiction to their phone as more important than the safety of others and themselves.

“If anyone thinks drivers have got the message, think again.”

“The number of people who still refuse to wear a seatbelt may come as a surprise. It’s not too late to change your habits. Don’t get distracted by your phone and always wear your seatbelt.”

Similar initiatives were run in previous years, with nearly 5,000 being issued with fixed penalty notices in the same 2 month period in 2013.

There has been a year on year increase in penalties for Nottingham's drivers

There has been a year on year increase in penalties for Nottingham’s drivers

Statistics show that reaction times whilst driving are 50% slower while using your mobile phone, making you four times more likely to crash.

Pedals, a cycling safety group have echoed the comments made by Nottinghamshire Police.

Pedals member Hugh McClintock said: “The point is this. any lapse in concentration by someone driving a motor vehicle could result in an accident.”

“If that accident involves a pedestrian or cyclist, then they  come out worse.

“It is appalling that people are still doing it.”

Driving Instructor Steve Thornhill says he’s seen his students quite often trying to use their mobile phones whilst on lessons.


Facilities at Nottingham University help determine what aspects of driving are most hazardous.

Over twenty miles of Nottingham's roads are programmed into this simululator

Over twenty miles of Nottingham’s roads are programmed into this simululator

The ‘Nites’ (Nottingham Integrated Transport and Environmental Simulator) facility tracks the driver’s eye movement to find out what distracts them the most when behind the wheel.

The facility is run by a division of the Psychology School at the university, a organisation called ‘lifelongdriving‘.

Simulators like this help the police realise what things they need to focus on when informing the public on road safety.


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