Campaigners celebrate as Notts Gay Pride goes ahead

Notts Pride 2010Nottingham annual Gay Pride Festival is definitely going ahead this year – after big debts put the event in doubt.

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There were fears whether or not Nottinghamshire Gay Pride Festival would have gone ahead this year, due to debts built up by the charity in recent years. Ambitious festivals organised by the previous Pride committee, for which the charity spent around £40,000, put the event in trouble.

The current committee has created a campaign called “Save Notts Pride” which aims to raise money to get them out of £18,000 worth of debt. Thanks to the support of the community, the Nottingham City Council and new sponsors, the Festival is now saved and the celebrations are confirmed to be held on Saturday July 26th this year.

Notts Pride Balance Sheet (Source: Notts Pride official website)

Notts Pride Balance Sheet (Source: Notts Pride official website)

For the first time the Festival will take place in the city centre and not in a park or a green area. Pride 2014 will be held in Hockley and the Lace Market, with local businesses getting involved in the celebrations.


The Festival will include street performers, local artists and music bands.

The new committee is also planning  a march from Old Market Square to Broadway Square or Lace Market Square to be included in the Festival.



The Pride committee feels so confident as to look forward to the 2015 Festival, for which funds are being collected.

For a list of all the events held by the Nottinghamshire Pride charity, see:







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