Number of teachers complaining to unions has doubled

Disabled-parking-bay-for-onlineThe National Union for teachers have seen a high increase in requests from Disabled teachers who are facing bullying in schools.


Not only are teachers with disabilities finding the bullying from students intolerable – they are lacking the support needed from fellow colleagues.

Melanie Muir, a secondary school teacher from Leicester, explains how the bullying is done in a very backhanded kind of way.


Melanie suffers from scoliosis, where she has a 40% curvature of the spine which left her with a forward leaning posture.

Melanie Muir: Unhappy with the way she is being treated by her colleagues because of her disability

Melanie Muir: Unhappy with the way she is being treated

Melanie Muir added: “One doesn’t really get any direct support. I think management is more aware of why I cannot go on school trips and that there are certain things I cannot do. “

Rob Bolstridge, East Midlands Divisional Secretary for the National Union of Teachers explains.

There is a current survey being carried out by the Trade Union Centre which is looking at the effects of cuts and changes from the government, but in particular, the effects on disabled teachers.



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