New unemployment scheme tightens restrictions on jobseekers

JobCentreJobseekers who have been unemployed for two years will be forced to attend the job centre daily, as the Government launches its ‘Help to Work’ scheme.


It is thought that nearly 13,000 people in the East Midlands will qualify for the scheme, which was first announced by Chancellor George Osbourne in September.

How to qualify for job seekers allowance under the new 'Help to Work' scheme.

How to qualify for job seekers allowance under the new ‘Help to Work’ scheme.

The Help to Work plan launched today and is compulsory for those who have been unemployed for two or more years on one of the existing Work Programme schemes.

To continue to claim Job Seekers Allowance under the new system – the unemployed will have three options: Volunteer, find further training or visit the job centre every day.

Not everyone agrees the drastic measures will help. Cheryl Weston is the manager of the Nottingham Law Centre and frequently helps those claiming benefits.

Those eligible for the scheme who refuse to cooperate will face reduced benefits for up to four weeks.

The government have defended their plans: ‘The scheme will provide more help than ever before, getting people into work and on the road to a more secure future.’

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