Mums to hold breastfeeding protest at Sports Direct

sportsdirect1Nottingham Mothers are planning a protest at a city sports store after a woman was asked to leave for breastfeeding. Over 100 campaigners will take part.


Tomorrow’s ‘nurse-in’  is against Sports Direct’s treatment of 25 year-old Wioletta Komar.

The mother of two was told to stop feeding her three-month old son in the store on Clumber Street.

Sport Direct on Clumber Street have refused to comment on their actions

Sports Direct on Clumber Street have refused to comment on their actions

Despite arguing, the mother was forced to stand outside in tears trying to feed her baby, Daniel, after being told breast-feeding mothers were not welcome.

Reaction to the incident has been furious, inspiring the Nottinghamshire Breastfeeding Mums network to organise a ‘nurse-in’ – a sit in where mothers breastfeed their babies to protest against the company’s actions.

Katina Pealing has planned the protest via Facebook.


Sports Direct refuse to comment on the incident but other shops in the area understand the actions of the sports chain.


Breastfeeding – The law

It is against the law to treat a woman unfavourably because she is breastfeeding in public places.

A mum in Kent last week agreed settlement in a legal case against the Stour Centre, who stopped her from breastfeeding her 8 month-old at the side of a swimming pool.

Nottinghamshire County Council have provided an extensive list of ‘friendly places for breastfeeding in Nottingham’ to support mothers in the region.

The Nottinghamshire Breastfeeding Mums Network have said: ‘It is not about the mother, its about the child’s right to nurse.’

The “nurse in” will take place tomorrow between 1pm and 2pm outside the Sports Direct.

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