Campaign for St George’s day to be national holiday

_DSC0625Amidst the celebration, the campaign for St. George’s day to be recognized nationally as a bank holiday is still strong in Nottingham.


Despite the increasing number of English people who celebrate 23 April each year, and the requests made to the government, St George’s is still not recognised as England’s national holiday.

While hundreds of people participated in the St George’s parade from the Forest Recreation Ground to the Old Market Square, the Nottingham branch of the Royal Society of St George has organised a dinner to raise awareness of their campaign to make St George’s day a national holiday.

Hundreds gather to show their support in Nottingham's market square.

Hundreds gather to show their support in Nottingham’s market square.

‘Why should every Country in the world have a national holiday but not England?’, said Tom Butcher, founder and current chairman of the Society.

Both Ireland and Scotland have national holidays for their respective patron saints.

The society celebrates the day with a concert and a traditional English meal in Nottingham’s Albert Hall.

The campaign is stronger this year in the wake of the referendum on Scottish Independence. “England doesn’t have a voice” says Mr Butcher, “we’re campaigning for England to have a voice of its own”.

The society was initiated 15 years ago but still sees on-going support to establish St. Georges day as a national holiday.


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