Pothole buster to hit Nottingham’s roads

hogNottingham City Council has adopted a new vehicle that it says could save 30% in potholes repairs and provide longer lasting road surfaces.


The council claims that the vehicle, known as a Multihog, can prepare patches for filling much faster than traditional methods of repair. It is also more accurate, leaving a neater finish resulting in improved road repairs.

Improving Nottingham’s roads is a key part of the Council’s agenda. Before Christmas it was reported that out of the 486 miles of road in the city, there were 344 reported incidents of potholes.  Taking in to consideration the peak winter weather, The council expects that there will be around 700 reports by the time the end of year reports have been published.

Pothole repairs cost the city £108,475 last year.



The Multihog  can perform up to 20 different jobs, including gritting, cleansing, snow-clearing and grass-cutting. It can also prepare damaged surfaces for repair.

The company which supplies the Multihog believes that it can save the city  up to 30% in costs rather than traditional methods of permanent repair, and that it also has greater durability – which reduces the need for further work.


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