Imperial Tobacco To Close Nottingham Factory

image_update_imgImperial Tobacco have today announced that the closure of the site in Lenton will result in 540 job losses and that the site will fully close in 2016


Imperial Tobacco has announced plans to close its factory in Lenton, cutting 540 jobs in the city.

The company claimed the declining number of UK sales, and increasing regulation and growth in illegal trade, had hit the company hard and meant it had to restructure its European operations.

The company said the site on the Lenton Industrial Estate will shut in 2016 and that the remaining  production will be  relocated to it’s other European factories.

The unions representing the workers have promised to fight the closure, calling it a “cynical ploy” to increase profits.

The local MP, Chris Leslie, warned the closure would be very bad for Nottingham. In a statement released today he said:

“This decision will adversely affect the many local residents who have come to depend on this employment. So I hope that the DWP employment service will do what it can to work with the firm and help redeploy the workers affected in any other job opportunities that may exist locally – and as soon as possible.”

Paul Smith, 58, a driver at the Lenton site, said: “A lot of people are upset. This will affect a lot of families in Nottingham. I was starting to look forward to my retirement but now of course I’m going to have to deal with this.”

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