Police Operation in Nottingham sees huge crime reduction

IMG_0011An investigation in 2011 revealed Nottingham was the worst city for Students affected by crime. It has since dropped by 80% compared to 2013.


The Complete University Guide labelled Nottingham the worst city after investigating the high level of crime affecting students. To combat this a Nottingham Police venture, aptly named ‘Operation Graduate’ started last September. It targets student areas where a large amount of crime occurs. During term time police are out every Friday and Saturday night between 8pm and midnight patrolling 6 square kilometres of the city.

Canning-circus-police-stationOperation Graduate officers are based at Canning Circus Police Station. Before they go out on patrol they receive a briefing about possible trouble makers. The operation has five pairs of police officers on five different beats. They patrol areas which have a  predominant student population.


Police aim to educate students on ways to protect their belongings from what is a haven for criminals. Student houses are packed with high end laptops, iPads and iPhones. That, mixed with students who often leave windows open and doors unlocked means that in areas such as Hyson Green, students can come back from a night out to a burgled property.

Officer Putting a balloon through a student’s window to alert them.

Nottinghamshire police Figures released recently show that there has been 464 fewer incidents of criminal damage since last year. Despite this, there have been a rise of 406 instances of house burglaries between April of last year and the end of March this year. This was before the ‘Operation Graduate’ initiative started however.

Police patrolling the Arboretum area.

Police patrolling the Arboretum area.


It is key that Nottingham’s streets are kept safe to ensure students are happy. With names such as “shottingham” being thrown around, it wouldn’t be incorrect to assume that students may be apprehensive about leaving the safety of Halls of Residence.


“There has been over a fifty per cent reduction in dwelling burglaries, forty seven fewer houses have been broken in to in comparison to two thousand and twelve” – Chief Inspector Steve Cartwright

Since the initial investigation by the Complete University Guide, areas within 3 miles of the university Campus’ have since been re-analysed and Nottingham is now ranked 8th from the bottom.





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