Nottingham students’ ‘Bricks’ app breaks into top 100 puzzle chart

Bricks-App-7Students from the University of Nottingham have gained recognition in the app world with the launch of ‘Bricks’.



Some games will never get old. Now that everybody carries a smart phone, you wouldn’t be criticised for thinking classic games such as ‘Snake’ and ‘Brick Breaker’ are a distant memory. But a team of students from the University of Nottingham are having none of it, bringing some nostalgia to iPhones and Androids, with the creation of their very own app ‘Bricks’. The revamp of the classic Blackberry game involves breaking different coloured bricks by redirecting a ball across the screen and gaining points.


It has already reached over 5,000 downloads since its launch on Tuesday 1st April and the team continued the success by launching an android version. The team includes a mixture of electronic engineering and computer science students who discovered the gap in the market as Apple did not have a good brick breaker game in store and so took it upon themselves to devise one.

“I guess right now it means we get recognised as App developers”

Emmanuel Abiola, part of the team behind the app, described what makes it different to others, “We added a lot of style to it, so made it more modern, compliment the new IOS design, very stylish, rounded bricks rather then normal bricks. Levels are difficult, lot more challenging then the normal brick breaker games.”

Image courtesy of @bricksplay

Image courtesy of @bricksplay

The students, Emmanuel Abiola, Stephan Sowole, Dipo Areoye, Ipalibo Whyte and Toshin Afolabi, created the modified spin off beginning with a digital sketch. Then a simple form of the game was developed, which received positive feedback and led to the making of the commercial product.


Emmanuel, a second-year electronic engineering student, says they didn’t anticipate the success, “We didn’t expect it to get as much attention as it did. We just released it and thought yeah lets get on back on our coursework, but we received 800 downloads in one day, so we were quite surprised, and then we thought we might as well try to push it even more.”

“So we’ll take it a lot more seriously and hopefully it attracts more ideas, more people wanting to develop games or develop apps, that’s the aim of it really. Right now were working on other apps, different projects, definitely looking to release another game.”

The app has received top reviews, including

“Best “Bricks” game I’ve ever played” – Matija G

“CANT GET ENOUGH I think I just found a new favourite game! Definite download!!!”  – Martins Williams

The app is free to download from Apple App Store and Google Play. Other editions are available ‘Classic’ ‘Retro’ ‘Neon’ for £0.69 or ‘Life Saver Every Level’ for £1.99. You can follow @Bricksplay on Twitter.



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