New tram ticket machines for Nottingham

campaignNew tickets machines across the city will streamline the purchasing of tram tickets for customers. It will now be easy to hop on a tram than ever before.


Tickets will be available online, via mobile phone and at the new automated ticket machines at tram stops throughout the city. Tickets will no longer be available for purchase on the tram, and passengers found without tickets will face heavy fines. This is the same system used on the Manchester Metro, one of the most extensive tramlines in the country.

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Tram operators are currently on hand to help confused passengers to use the machines in the coming weeks to ease the transition. Along with the extended tram lines being constructed throughout the city, the revamped ticket machines are part of an attempt to expand and revitalised Nottingham’s tram service.

The NET, the company that runs Nottingham’s trams, has declared that a better control of fare evasion will help them to offer competitively priced fares, and in the end both the company and customers will enjoy a better transport system.

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