Leader of National Union of Teachers warns of further strike action

strike posterMore strikes in the future, warns National Union of Teachers leadership, after a day of industrial action closes schools.


The strikes caused a day of disruptions to schools, with over 330 schools in the East Midlands being forced to close or being made to operate at a reduced schedule. The NUT has come under fierce criticism from parents and the government because of the strikes.

Leanne Martin is a parent from Nottingham who has been forced to take holiday from work because of the strike, “…it makes difficulties for you because you’ve not prepared to loose pay in order to look after your children, when you’re expected to be at work.”

“…we will continue to have industrial action…” – Larry Scott, Leader of the Nottingham NUT

Teachers have suffered pay cuts under the austerity measures brought in by the Conservative Government, and their pay is continuing to drop. Max Hyde, President of the NUT, has raised concerns over the lack of young teachers joining the profession, “…they see graduate pay in other professions going up, whilst theirs is going backwards.”

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Larry Scott, the leader of the Nottingham branch of the NUT, warns that if pay does not increase there will be further action. “…we will continue to have industrial action and hopefully get them to negotiate and then we’ll be able to negotiate a compromise where education remains a respected profession and teachers are valued.”

The NUT has claimed that the strikes are being done on behalf of the children they teach. Officials worry that with teachers’ pay dropping, so too will the standard of teaching.

Max Hyde, President of the NUT

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