Over 100 Nottinghamshire schools to close for one-day strike

NUT-for-webOver a hundred schools in Nottinghamshire are set to close tomorrow as teaching staff strike over pensions, pay and working conditions.


The strike, which is being organised by The National Union of Teachers (NUT) will mean that thousands of children will be missing out on a day of school.

Left in the dark

Teachers striking

People participating in a recent teacher strike

As teachers are not obliged to give any warning of strike action, schools are being left in the dark on whether or not to remain open, though many are choosing to be cautious by closing or partially closing.

The strike, which takes place tomorrow (Wednesday 26th March), will see staff gathering at Forest Fields at 10am before marching to The Old Market Square where a rally will take place at 11am.

IMAG0051“Modelling behaviour”

Tomorrow will be the third national stoppage since 2011. Cassie Wright, a teacher at Carlton Central Junior School, is one of the many participating in the strikes and feels that they are necessary and though every school day is important, learning to stand up for what you believe is a lesson in itself.

But does the thought of hundreds of children missing out on a day of education trouble their parents and carers? Parent of four, Eleanor Brooks isn’t too concerned about the strikes affecting her children:

“If it’s just for one day, I can’t see it being too much of a disruption. If they [staff] feel they are being treated unfairly then they have the right to strike. A lot of my family are teachers and I have noticed an increase in their workload over the years. Thankfully my children are old enough to look after themselves, so I don’t have to worry about childcare.”

However for parents with young children, strikes can cause problems. Rosheen Rose, from Arnold told us:

“Strikes are highly inconvenient when you have to take a day off work but I do understand why they’re done.”

Strikes will be taking place all across the country in a protest against Michael Gove’s new policies which are contributing to teachers’ main reasons for striking; poor pay and excessive workload.

For a list of school closures in Nottingham, click here







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