Young entrepreneurs putting Nottingham on the map

STILLS-FOR-WEB-DHILLAN-KNEELINGYouth unemployment has reached record levels, but these young people have not given up by creating their own jobs in the fashion industry.

At just 17, Dhillan Bhardwaj has opened his first shop in Long Eaton. The teenage designer began making T-shirts at his dads garage and has been overwhelmed by the celebrity following his Ratchet Clothing has received.

‘Azealia Banks wears my designs all the time, and Miley Cyrus’s people have been in touch after we made a T-shirt just for her’ -Dhillan Bhardwaj

Dhillan’s family all work as part of the family business running car garages but he wanted to do something different and with support from his friends and family he has created a world-wide brand and employs over 15 people.

The Ratchet store opened under a week ago and the manager, Owen Oxley says things are going very well.

Claire Elliott, 24, was a chemistry student at Sheffield University but decided to follow her passion for baking and set up her own Paris style bakery, Claire Elizabeth, in West Bridgford. Claire opened the shop in January.

Claire would encourage other young entrepreneurs, like herself, to go for it.

‘Make sure you do your market research before you take the blunge, but if you believe in your idea or product then don’t let anything hold you back’- Claire Elliott

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