Nottingham Nursery in Gender Bias Campaign

Nottingham Nursery School & Training Centre is backing a national campaign to stop the publication of gender-specific books for children.


They’re supporting the national campaign ‘Let Books Be Books’  that is trying to make sterotypically labelled books ‘for girls’ or ‘for boys’ become a thing of the past.

But the Nottingham Nursery School & Training Centre is taking the campaign one step further by encouraging children to play with gender neutral toys.

 “We don’t encourage the children to play primarily with toys that are stereotypically aimed towards their gender. We have boys that enjoy playing with dolls and girls who will happily sit and play with cars.” –Alison Butterworth, Deputy Head

Colours such as pink and blue that are often associated with gender have been limited where possible in the nursery, the walls of classrooms and play areas painted in shades such as yellow, purple and cream.


Although they are aware that children will often naturally attract to toys which are stereotypically labelled for their gender, it isn’t frowned upon if these boarders are crossed.

Nottingham Nursery School & Training Centre would like to see mainstream stores across the country join them in labelling books and toys as gender neutral; adding that it is never the children who question who plays with what toy.

“At this age they just want to play. It isn’t until they get older and peer pressure kicks in that they become aware to gender sterotypes.”

Waterstones and The Independent  are the first mainstream companies to publicly back the campaign.

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Gender specific toys & colours in a mainstream toy shop in Nottingham City Centre.

The public of Nottingham City Centre share their views on the subject. 


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