Nottingham expert warning over contaminated meat fraud

A year on from the horse meat scandal tests have found that still a large number of meat products are contaminated.  And an expert has warned that this ‘is just the tip of the iceberg’.


The study  tested around 105 samples of which more than forty showed traces of  meat from other animals.  In some  lamb curry  that was tested  only beef and turkey was found.

Ellen Billet, Director of Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research , says that this  shows that there is still  a huge issue of fraud and underlines the current lack of  labelling.

“People do feel cheated and misguided. However this is a widespread issue  in the UK and it is clear that a large number of products do contain things that are not specified on the label.”

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Food experts say that horse meat is not a risk on its own. However the Food Standards Agency says that they are mainly focusing on horse traces in beef meat, because of the dangers of certain drugs they could contain. If animal have been illegally sold not for the sole purpose of slaughter, their meat  could contain the veterinary drug phenylbutazone ‘bute’.

Professor Ellen Billet says horse meat contamination was ‘ just the tip of the ice berg’ and there is a widespread of cases of miss-labelling. At the moment over a quarter of meat sold in the United Kingdom is imported, which could  increase the risk of fraud.



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