International day of happiness celebrated in Nottingham.

Happiness-1Students over sixteen have been invited to celebrate ‘International Day Of Happiness’ at Nottingham Trent University.


The School of Social Sciences at the university invited post sixteen year old students to take part in workshops and seminars centred around the subject of happiness. Organisers of the event aimed to give the students an insight into subjects that shape the society we live in, whilst exploring what happiness means to them.

Fran Boner was one of the people running the taster day, she said it had been a success bringing in lots of students from around the local colleges. Fran went on to say “supporting ‘International Day of Happiness’ provided a fun platform for teaching the under eighteen students, and what makes you happy in terms of employability. “Going to university getting a degree as well as what studying social sciences is like at NTU.”

“Were focusing on what makes you happy in terms of employability, going to university getting a degree making sure you get that job which can ultimately make you
happier.” – Fran Boner, organiser of the event.

One of the speakers at the event was criminology lecturer Dr Matthew Long, he said the day developed a great insight into criminology studies at NTU.  “Today is about people, but also the fundamentals of social science so I think this focus on people is what’s so great about international day of happiness.”

International day of happiness was also trending on twitter: #internationaldayofhappiness


Fran Boner said she was “extremely happy with the way the event turned out.” It seems the day couldinspire more students to have a future in social sciences.

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