Council Crack Down on Rogue Landlords

for_rent_sign1Dodgy landlords in Nottingham are being targeted after the council has received £124,000 to deal with them.

Nottingham City Council is one of twenty-three councils to receive a share of £4 million from the Government to tackle landlords who are failing to meet their basic responsibilities, often making tenants’ lives a misery.

Unable to raise the deposit for a mortgage, Pauline McGrath has lived in rented accommodation for the past four years.

mould-1‘There was mould in the bathroom and bedrooms and my daughter became ill because the house was so damp. My landlord just ignored me, I didn’t know who to contact.’

Pauline hopes the money will be used to help other people who are having problems with their landlords.

The funding will be spent on various projects, including an ‘intelligence hub’ to help identify and collate information on rogue landlords in the area.

A social media site will also be created allowing the public to report landlords in the city who are breaching regulations.

Councillor Alex Ball, Executive Assistant for Housing and Regeneration

Last year Nottingham City Council launched The Nottingham Standard, a scheme that aims to help tenants identify rentable properties that meet a minimum quality standard and will recognise decent landlords who are providing quality approved accommodation.

Over four hundred landlords have already signed up to join The Nottingham Standard, developed in partnership with the DASH (Decent and Safe Homes) Services and the Unipol Landlord Accreditation. Councillor Alex Ball believes the scheme will promote accredited landlords throughout the city.

‘Residents will be able to rent with ease, I want to restore the public’s confidence in private sector renting.’ – Councillor Alex Ball, Executive Assistant for Housing and Regeneration

Nottingham City Council is encouraging the community to work together and share information in order to tackle the problem. Training will also be provided for council staff to help put an end to the number of ‘beds in sheds’ throughout the city.

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