Landlords say budget cuts on beer won’t make difference

BEER-for-webBeer duty will be cut by a penny per pint in changes made by Chancellor George Osborne. While drinkers are happy, many landlords say it won’t help.


Yesterday’s Budget means many pub regulars and drinkers will be all smiles because of the marginal decrease in the cost of a pint.

But how will this affect the local businesses relying on the trade?

Martin Hill is the landlord of the Ride Bar and says for him nothing has changed.

Martin Hill: the budget won't make any difference for landlords like him

Martin Hill: the budget won’t make any difference for landlords like him

Other landlords are sharing similar thoughts. They believe that the new changes are unlikely to make a difference in general.

Over Christmas the price of alcohol was raised by the government so any change is still not enough according to landlords.

Dean Smith is the manager of the Coach and Horses bar in Nottingham.

He is more affected by trying to keep his beers at a steady price, despite rising manufacturing costs and duty changes.

Dean Smith says: “It doesn’t make a difference and if I charge any more then nobody will come in here. I’m loosing money.”

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