Emcon not a ‘total fantasy’ for unlucky 500

darlek headlineOrganisers of the East Midlands Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention (Emcon) have been criticised after hundreds of fans were unable to gain access to the event.

Nottingham’s Albert Hall played host to the  East Midlands Sci-Fi convention, and has a capacity of 2,000, however 2,500 tickets were sold in advance. The event attracted fans from all over the UK, as well as France, Belgium and the US, selling out due to overwhelming demand.

Event organiser Lee Wallis has admitted that he did not anticipate that the event would be so popular, and is offering refunds to fans that were disappointed on the day.

Those that were able to get in could meet stars from their favourite TV shows, such as Craig Charles and Chris Barrie of Red Dwarf. Actors and actresses from Game of Thrones and Dr. Who were also present, alongside a range of merchandise stalls and comic dealers.

The East Midlands Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention was held on Sunday at the Albert Hall in North Circus Street. The doors officially opened at 11am but hundreds of people had already spent hours queued up to get their hands on tickets.

‘ Sci-Fi Riot’

Wallis organised the event after it was suggested by Danny John Jules, who played The Cat in the hit  sci-fi  comedy Red Dwarf. “The last time there were crowds like this was when they put up the statue of Brian Clough” the actor said.

“It is great, just look at how many people are here. There must be 10,000 people here or waiting to get in which is crazy.

“We have started a sci-fi riot.”

Each person that attended the convention had their own favourite individual characters and queued up to get photos with them.

Sci Fi Enthusiast Matthew Ashton said ‘’I would have liked to attended but I couldn’t – If I’m honest, from a reputational and branding point of view it was very problematic’’.

The management team at EM-Con and Organiser Lee Wallis took to their website to issue a statement of apology due to many fans not being able to meet the comic stars:

‘’We are extremely sorry by the anger and frustration caused by the problems which occurred at Sunday’s convention. all of the attending cast members have said they will be thrilled to return in 2015 and meet those they didn’t get to see this year. On top of this, those who did not get in will receive a refund for their 2014 ticket and in the coming days we will announce plans for a bonus that will be included in any tickets purchased for 2015.’’

‘Nottingham deserves to have one here’

Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor the gentle giant who can only say his own name, was a fan favourite.

He said: “It is a different challenge having only one word to say so conveying emotion is a unique challenge but I really enjoy it.

“It is really cool to be here at the first ever one in the city.

“These events are huge and Nottingham deserves to have one here.”

Although, Sharon Roberts from Em-Con management team said: “It has been an outstanding success.

“I don’t think we expected to see so many people take an interest.

“We have had thousands of people come throughout out the day which is brilliant because this is our first time holding the event, this Nottingham event will get bigger and bigger.”

“It is all worth the hard work to see so many smiling faces.”

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