Autism: High demand for support in East Midlands

thumbnailA Nottingham-based autism charity says it receives cries for help from a family every day affected by autism. 1 in 50 families deal with the condition on a daily basis.


Autism can leave families feeling isolated and out of touch with reality according to volunteers and staff at NORSACA, a charity which was set up almost half a century ago to support people or relatives of those with the condition.

The charity was established in 1969 by a group of parents who were told their children could not be educated. NORSACA now provides education for 90 children across the East Midlands.

Jackie Hannaths’ daughter Lily, who is eight, was diagnosed with autism three years ago.


Without support, the family say they would not have been able to deal with day to day activities or even leave the house.

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“When parents get a diagnosis of autism they can feel lost and they might not know how to cope.”  Melanie Howard, NORSACA


Melanie Howard, Fund Generation Manager at NORSACA, said: “We offer free advice and one to one support for parents. Our support network can give parents the information and tools they need to understand and live with autism”

Funding has to be privately raised and without donations the charity cannot run day trips.

Advice is one area the charity focus on but they also host an event at Ridge way lodge every two weeks. It gives families living with an autistic child the chance to relax and play.

Disorders on the Autistic spectrum can make children seem disconnected, Ridge way has sensory rooms, a play area to stimulate the mind specifically designed for children with autism.


Staff are well trained, the venue is secure which provides children a safe environment to play and   families can talk to other families in similar positions.

If you think your child has autism or you have any questions about the disorder contact NORSACA on: 0115 976 1805

Alternatively you can visit their website

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