Nottingham’s ‘Outstanding’ schools to help those ‘Failing’

school photoRushcliffe School which has been rated by Ofsted as ‘outstanding’ have set up a scheme to help failing schools in Nottingham.

FOUR schools in Nottingham which have been judged to be failing by Ofsted have been told they are not improving fast enough.

One of these schools is Farnborough School in Clifton. Although attendance of pupils has improved, this school still remains one of those in jeopardy of closure if it does not meet Ofsted’s standards. This has resulted in a scheme being set up by Rushcliffe Secondary School to help aid schools in ‘special measures’ such as Farnborough.

The scheme has seen senior teachers from Rushcliffe School making regular visits to Farnborough with the hope that standards can be raised.

“It is really important that we work hard to keep standards as high as we can and we are already doing that.” – Phil Crompton


Phil Crompton – Headteacher of Rushcliffe School

Head teacher of Rushcliffe, Phil Crompton, is confident that overseeing Farnborough School will result in a change of fortunes.

“The idea of them [Farnborough School] closing is a bit of a long shot. They were condemned as being in ‘special measures’ so we are now helping them to rebuild.

“It could be argued that they have been left for too long and as a result Ofsted came along and identified the problems which now look pretty spectacular. But there are good people [at the school] and there are children that want to be successful so it’s up to the local authority, Ofsted and surrounding schools, in my view, to do everything possible to raise the standards” said Crompton.


Rushcliffe were graded as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted inspectors earlier this month after a visit in February. As a result the school will now not receive an inspection from the Office for Standards in Education unless their exam results drop.

Crompton believes that aiding schools such as Farnborough will help Rushcliffe maintain its status and prevent decline.

“Now that we are an ‘Outstanding’ school Ofsted won’t come back – it’s over. Unless standards start to dip. So if our exam results show a catastrophic collapse then they will almost certainly be back within a month and we could lose the ‘Outstanding’ title.

“So it is really important that we work hard to keep standards as high as we can and we are already doing that.”

Crompton went on to say: “We are aware of something called the ‘sigmoid curve’ which says that an organisation can be really successful and just before it gets to the peak it should break off and do something else, otherwise decline sets in. So [because of the scheme] we are ahead of the curve”


Opposing view
However some disagree that under performing schools should rely on school which are performing well. A retired Nottinghamshire teacher and Union member said;

“It is important under performing schools don’t completely rely on the help of other schools and try and address the problem as to why the school is failing”

“I think they should have a chance to have the school turned round. If the school still fails, shut it down. Students can then be moved to another school which has a good reputation. ”

School pupils opinions of Ofsted

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