Nottingham takes part in National No-Smoking Day

CigaretteNottingham is taking part in National No-Smoking Day on March 12th to try and combat our above-average percentage of smokers.


National No-Smoking Day aims to provide help and support for those across Britain who want to quit smoking. According to a survey undertaken in 2011 by Nottingham Insight, Nottingham is home to around 72,000 smokers which accounts for 27% of people living here. This is significantly above the National average of 20%.

“the main priority is to reach those in more deprived areas of the city”

Smoking in Nottingham is responsible for nearly 500 early deaths and around 2,500 hospital emissions every year.  Nottingham City Council has teamed up with New Leaf, a Nottinghamshire drop in service to help people quit smoking. They provide both group and one-to-one sessions.

Cllr Alex Norris of Nottingham City Council says the main priority is to reach those in more deprived areas of the city.

However, many people have no intention of giving up anytime soon. Tim Nicholson, 26, of Nottingham Trent University has smoked since 2011 and believes smoking is a very social thing.

Tim Smoking

Many people, like Tim, still have no intention of giving up

There are several ways people can stop smoking such as; patches, gum, electronic cigarettes and mouth spray. However, for some cold turkey is simply the best way to avoid those cravings. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is one way No-Smoking Day helps people to quit. Different forms of NRT suit different needs:

  • Do you miss the feeling of holding a cigarette? An inhalator may be best.
  • Want access to nicotine whenever you chose? Lozenges or gum might be for you.
  • A heavy smoker and trying to quit? A nasal spray might be a good choice.

Although smoking is seen by some as a social attraction, many do not understand the number of toxins in a cigarette.


No-Smoking Day is part of the NHS Smokefree scheme which helps people quit all year round but places a specific focus on getting people to sign up and quit specifically on this day.  They offer 5 top tips for quitting smoking:

  1. Prepare for the day you quit and avoid temptation
  2. Download the free Smokefree app for mobile support
  3. Remember all the reasons why you’re quitting
  4. Find distractions to help with your cravings
  5. There’s never “just one” cigarette.

So if you’re planning to quit tomorrow or in the future, No-Smoking Day is a great way to sign up and get support if you need it.

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