Student event ‘Carnage’ criticised for encouraging binge drinking and anti-social behaviour

untitledA national bar crawl which is known as ‘Carnage’ has been heavily criticised, after a paramedic was called out last Sunday to just one drunk Nottingham student.

The event which takes place on the last Sunday of every month sees thousands of students hit the streets of Nottingham in fancy dress with the promise of a cheap night out.

Despite plummeting temperatures and heavy rain, female students could be seen wearing mini skirts, hot pants and crop tops. The Playboys vs Bunnies theme was taken seriously by male students also, who dressed in thongs and wore black bow ties.

Male student seen in a thong

Male student seen in a thong

Students pay eleven pounds for a t-shirt with the ‘Carnage’ slogan on the front- this gives them entry to bars and discounted drinks for just £1.

The Mail Online featured a detailed account of the latest Carnage which included pictures from the night. However supporters of the event feel that the article went too far and portrayed Carnage as a dangerous event which causes trouble amongst students.

Inspector Jez Ellis of Nottinghamshire Police disagreed with the way the Mail reported on the event and said that the issue was not the bar-crawl itself, but the amount students pre- drink which happens on other nights aside from Carnage.

Organisers have come under scrutiny in the past and more recently for supposedly promoting excessive drinking and anti social behaviour.

But organisers have denied this and insist the bar-crawl is harmless fun.

‘The event’s heavily focused on group identity, social and ethical cohesion and  fancy dress themes’- Paul Bahia, founder

Students who took part in the most recent Carnage say that the event causes no more trouble than any other night.

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[Pictures courtesy of Mail Online]

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