Nottingham students respond to Mail Online ‘Carnage’ article

Carnage-posterStudents in Nottingham felt they were wrongly depicted as drunken and disorderly following the Mail Online’s report of a recent Carnage bar crawl.


Students from both Nottingham Universities feel they have been poorly represented in an article by the Mail Online, reflecting their nightlife choices.

The report focused on a Carnage Bar Crawl in Notts, managed by Varsity Leisure Group Ltd, which has been voted the UK’s biggest and best student university event.

Mail Online's picture of students

Mail Online’s picture of students

With one organised event per calendar term, thousands of students from the 48 participating cities around the country hit the local bars and clubs for a night of drinking.

University students can purchase a t-shirt for £10, which then serves as a ticket to a range of pubs and clubs across the city offering discounted drinks for as little as £1.

A fancy dress theme is established before the event, and thousands of Playboy Bunny undergraduates hit the streets of Nottingham this Sunday for what was advertised on their website as ‘the party of all parties’.

The ‘revellers’, as described by the Mail Online, were not deterred by the cold and wet weather, but they did attract the attention of the mainstream press.

The report, mainly consisting of pictures and tag lines, illustrated chaos as students stumbled down the streets.

The Mail Online’s article has been seen to have tarnished the representation of students in Nottingham, as the images included were far from respectable.

Students have taken to twitter to express their views on how they have been depicted by the media.

Tweet 3Tweet 2Tweet 1

Some undergraduates believe they have only captured the most degrading aspects of the bar crawl, with skimpily dressed students changing bars in the bad weather.

Most of the event, however, took place behind closed doors, away from the wind and rain, which was not included in the reports.

One particular incident involving paramedics attending to a drunken participant was highlighted in the piece.

Mail Online, paramedics on the scene.

Mail Online’s depiction of paramedics on the scene.

Laura O’Neal, a student from Nottingham Trent University, believes that the Mail Online has focused on the minority, and has arguably created a false perception of the student community in Notts.

University drinking league tableAlthough the Mail Online have implied that drinking in Nottingham is a problem, University league tables suggest that Nottingham falls behind several others. Trent has been ranked eighth in the country but the University of Nottingham does not even feature in the top 10.

Lizzie Maddin, Oliver Loe & James Lewer

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