Silent Killer: charities hope eating disorder awareness week will make more people talk about their problems.

FarleyA20140228All this week eating disorder charities in Nottingham are hoping to reduce the stigma attached to unhealthy habits.


Eating disorders are affecting 1.6 million people in the UK, according to recent research by The Independent.  Health experts in Nottinghamshire are hoping that the events will bring this figure down and get more people talking about any eating issues they have.

Caroline is a recovering anorexic and is leading some local campaigns with the eating disorder charity b-eat. A workshop will be available for friends and family, along with self help groups and a lecture to raise awareness for medical students.

 “The aim of the week is to reduce the stigma surrounding eating disorders, and make it easier for people to be able to talk about them without the worry of some of the stereotypes that might come up.” Caroline- recovering anorexic and part of B-eat Nottingham.

Caroline says that a lot of people rely on the media image for reasons behind developing an eating disorder. However she says that for her, “it was more a case of certain personality traits like always trying to be perfect” but she does say in her experience that it’s different for everyone.

For the rest of the term you can raise awareness through the ‘Love Your Body Art Project’; where local residents are invited to submit a piece of art work which positively represents themselves. Later on they will be celebrated in an exhibition. You can email your submissions to:

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