Nottingham unemployment falls 16%

Jobcentre-plus-Nottingham’s unemployment rates have fallen by 16%, making them the lowest since July 2010. Yet 11, 000 still claim Jobseekers allowance.


According to the Office for National Statistics,  2000 fewer people were claiming job seekers allowance in December 2013, compared to the same time in 2012.

Despite these figures falling, there are still 11,261 people claiming the benefit and looking for work – something that a new Costa Coffee store in Hucknall found out when they received 1, 300 applications for the six jobs they advertised at the store.

Kate Ellor, 21, is a former claimant of the benefit. She was signed on to the job seekers system for one and a half years, before she was offered a job through a friend. Kate believes that the help the government are providing through their services such as the JobCentre is not good enough:

“In all the time I was attending my Jobcentre meetings and appointments I received hardly any help. After six months I was asked if I had a CV, which I found pretty patronising. You walk in and you are a number rather than a person and you always walk away feeling dejected. It was the worst yaer of my life. More needs to be done to help people get in to work. Jobs need to be created too. There just aren’t enough.”

However, County Council worker and work club coordinator, Denise Stephenson , thinks differently. She runs a range of job groups around Nottingham, working on CV’s, interview techniques and informing attendees of any vacancies in the area:

“The County Council wants to support unemployed people, help them move into employment or move them closer to employment. It’s a support to people in whatever way we can. There’s still a way to go, but work clubs are helping a number of people get closer to or in to a job .”

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