Its Time To Stub It Out! – Smokers Told To Quit

thumbnailThe British Heart Foundation is tackling Nottingham’s’ 72,000 smokers by holding a ‘Non Smoking Day’ to urge smokers to quit for good.

Research  shows that smokers are four times more likely to be effective in quitting if they use specialist ‘stop-smoking’ support and treatment. In Nottingham, a survey has shown that 1,800 of its smokers are under 16 and these figures continue to grow.

“If you can do one day, you can do another and another!” – Cath Corrigan, The British Heart Foundation

The Non Smoking Day will be held on 12th March and the British Heart Foundation hopes this will encourage people to stop the addiction. Cath Corrigan who works for the organisation recognises the difficulties of breaking the habit but knows that in can be done. “Get through each day, if you can do one day, you can do another and another!”.

Though the message is clear, City resident Sheila Murray who has been smoking for 30 years argues that it isn’t that easy. She says ” Its down to personal opinion, if people want to smoke they will. A Non-Smoking Day isn’t going to stop me”.

With the percentage of people who smoke across Nottinghamshire County at 21.2% compared to a national average of 20.4% it is yet to be seen whether the day will have any success.

Cath Corrigan, British Heart Foundation tells us why smokers should quit:

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