Ditching the New for the Old: Nottingham Does Vintage

bdvNottingham Playhouse opened it’s doors to fashion enthusiasts, who were given the opportunity to shop in the cities first ever blast from the past Vintage Fair.


Originating in Yorkshire in 2011, Britain Does Vintage brings award winning vintage events to listed buildings across the UK. This year the Nottingham Playhouse featured as a venue for the nationwide tour of retro fashion and accessories. From party frocks to tea sets and clocks, the Britain Does Vintage tour aims to cater for all kinds of vintage enthusiasts and encourages new recruits into the Antique Army.

Interest in vintage fashion and home ware has soared over the past few years with more and more people working vintage clothing into their everyday wardrobes. Interest has also hit the catwalks with last weeks London Fashion Week highlighting major designers opting for the ‘vintage look’ designs.

Vintage for WebHowever organisers of Britain Does Vintage have also outlined other important factors in why previously worn, is the one the adorn.

Whether it be to save or even make money, be good to the environment or create a unique individual look, going vintage seems like the path thousands around the UK are taking.

“The Vintage scene is quite vibrant, there’s some other fairs which have been here for a bit longer, so vintage is very popular. We’ve got the two big Uni’s as well and the College’s so it’s something which we’ve been wanting to do for a while but it was just getting down here and looking at the venues, we are so glad we are here.” – Alex Claydon, Organiser of ‘Nottingham Does Vintage’.

The Vintage Fairs will continue to tour the UK throughout 2014 covering venues in Durham, Huddersfield, Lincoln, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield and York. If you missed out on picking up a swift thrift gift at the Playhouse last weekend, rest assured the fair will be returning to the Nottingham Playhouse on the 5th April 2014.

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