Preparations begin for the £2.4 million Nottingham market revamp

pic-1The regeneration of Sneinton will transform the old market into a home for creative businesses after Nottingham secured EU funding of £2.4m.

Over 20 tenants of the units alongside Sneinton Market are being evicted to make room for a new creative area.


A trader packing up his shop which is soon to be relocated.

Last week the traders were given eviction notices and Nottingham City Council has ensured they will provide help to relocate them:

“We can ensure the Council will do everything in our power to help the traders find alternative places.”

Generally the plans for redevelopment of Sneinton Market have received positive feedback from the local community.

Martin Grove, 62, of Sneinton agrees:

“I don’t feel very comfortable walking around Sneinton, especially in the evenings, hopefully the redevelopment will improve the area and make it a safer place.”

Tracey Stanford, 38, added: “The money is being well spent! Sneinton has needed a renwal for years and years, I’m sick of the sight of run down shops and rubbish, I can’t wait for it to be finished!”

Despite this certain members of the community feel the redevelopment might not all be positive. It may result in people losing their jobs and some are worried about how they will cope financially.

Ellesse Walter’s, 26, who works at a hair salon in Sneinton Market may lose her job because of the redevelopment.

“The redevelopment will be beneficial for the community but I feel like some local people will suffer.”

The hair salon where Ellesse Walter's works at

The hair salon where stylist Ellesse Walter’s works

“ I don’t know when our hairdresser’s will close, whether we’ll be able to set up somewhere else or if I’ll be out of work completely. I’ve been left in the dark and it’s a bit worrying.”

The plans for the redevelopment will begin in the the summer and are set to be completed by 2015.

The plans Councillor Dave Liversidge outlined will include 43 new units on the site, which will be transformed into workshops and studios for the use of creative enterprises:

“The redevelopment of Sneinton Market has been a long term aim of Nottingham City Council and is something that will be really benefical for the area and the city as a whole.”

The plans for the redevelopment are to follow the success of the new £9 million Victoria Leisure Centre, which Nottingham City Council built next to Sneinton market in 2012.

“The building of the Victoria Leisure Centre was the first phase of the modern redevelopment and now the rest of the area needs a revamp.”

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