LGBT History Month supports people wanting to come out in Nottingham

LGBT FlagLGBT History Month provides a support base to those who are currently struggling with their sexuality in Nottingham.


Jack Salter, officer of the University of Nottingham’s LGBT Network , says that coming out is such a significant part of everyone’s life in the LGBT community. “LGBT History month provides the platform these people require to make this life altering decision to inform their families and friends of their sexuality”.

This year has seen the revelations of some A List celebrities such as Tom Daley and Ellen Page. England Women’s football captain, Casey Stoney, spoke publicly for the first time about being gay after being delighted by the positive reaction to Daley’s announcement he was in a relationship with a man.

In Nottingham, dozens of community centres are hosting exhibitions and workshops in support of the annual nationwide celebration. Rainbow Heritage are running month long events in Nottingham Central Library and in various community centres across the county.

Nottingham Womens’ centre hold a ‘Lesbian Cafe’ where women can come and discuss issues around sexuality or just come for a chat and some cake! Clare Woodhall from the centre explains how they “don’t label at the centre” they “don’t have women come to their reception explaining how they’re Lesbian and in need of information because no one has a tag. There is no segregation”.

“This month has a good vibe”

Alex Wright, Student

One man who has been reaping the benefits of the various events throughout the month is Nottingham Trent University student Alex Wright. Alex explains how he decided to start attending some of the events run by Trent’s LGBT Society ‘NTU Pride’ and some meetings at the library. He said the month has a “good vibe” and allowed him to build up the courage to come out as bisexual to his flatmates and his family. Alex remarks how it’s the 21st Century and most people have been accepting but that not everyone will share his enthusiasm.


The University of Nottingham’s LGBT Network will also be holding an outdoor ‘Sleep Out’ on Thursday 20th February, in support of the Albert Kennedy Trust. The event will aim to raise awareness of LGBT people who find themselves homeless, after coming out to their families. Jack Salter adds, “Last year, the event was a huge success. We’re hoping the same will be true this year too.”

LGBT History Month Gallery

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