Millie’s Cookies in Nottingham receives most ‘Will You Marry Me?’ requests

CookiesMillie’s Cookies in the Victoria Centre, Nottingham has received the most ‘Will You Marry Me?’ cake requests out of all the Millie’s Cookies in the UK.


Over 30 lovers in Nottingham have ordered ‘Will You Marry Me?’ cookies. On top of this, many requests of ‘I Love You’ and ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ have been popular.

Millie’s Cookies employee, Eliot Ward, explains how stressful the time has been.

“It is busy every year, as we expect, but this year has been extra busy. There must be a lot of people out there looking to get on the right side of their partners this year”

Eliot Ward, Millie’s Cookies Employee

Darren Nash bought his girlfriend a cookie with the words ‘Be Mine’ on for the special day saying:

“It’s a nice affordable gesture that she can eat, it’s a nice idea!”

“I often walk near the Millie’s Cookies shop and I saw quite a few people with Millie’s Cookies bags”

“I saw the advert and thought straight away that would be a sweet little present”.

Darren, 22, has been with his girlfriend for the last 18 months and feels that Valentine’s Day is a “special day” but has no plans to pop the question anytime soon.

“It still feels like a fresh relationship at the moment and I like that, we’ll have to see how things develop”

ringggToday on this Valentine’s Day there are nineteen marriages      taking place across Nottingham.

This is five more than last year in Nottingham.

Registration Team Leader at the Council House, Mairy Chapman, believes Valentine’s Day is the “perfect day” for a wedding as the man can “never forget!”

“Its a beautiful occasion and when marked with your own wedding it really makes it all the more special”

Nineteen marriages happened across Nottingham today, three of those happening at the Council House.

Mairy Chapman, Registration Leader at Council House

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