Flood alerts for Nottinghamshire as storms approach


FLOODSThe storm predicted for this weekend could change Nottingham’s luck as flood alerts are issued to River Trent tributaries.

The Environment Agency in Nottingham, says the storms approaching this weekend are putting the East Midlands at risk.

“There is a possibility of flooding, from the rainfall we’ve had over the last couple of months, there is some more rain due tomorrow, and it’s looking fairly unsettled over the next week or so. ” – Richard Butcher, The Environment Agency

He says the main job of The Environment Agency is to protect the main assets.”We make sure the flood defences are all working properly, and make sure the river is flowing in an unobstructed way. We also have duty staff who are monitoring the river levels at all times.”

Flooding-History-Text-Box-FOR-WEBAndy Wallace is the Flood Risk Manager at Nottinghamshire County Council, and says that it is important for people to protect their own properties.

“There is an expectation that flooding is someone else’s fault. People can do a lot to protect their own property with measures such as sandbags to stop water from progressing through.” – Andy Wallace


Colin Thorne is the chair of physical geography at the University of Nottingham and specialist in global warming and climate change. He says, there’s no good in blaming an agency or government department.

“It just rained a huge amount – the wettest January in 250 years.” – Colin Thorne

Colin says floods could become a more regular occurrence.“We have to realise that
flooding is going to occur and that we have to reduce the consequences as well as the probability.”

Extreme weather conditions have meant areas of the South of England have flooded, many being issued ‘severe flood warnings’ and a ‘threat to life’. In Surrey, people are being forced to evacuate.



The Environment Agency says, proofing people’s homes, better preparedness than we’ve seen, evacuation where necessary and good insurance systems are all equally as important for the future.

Darren Bowler works at The Magna Charta in Lowdham, and witnessed the pub flooding four times last year.


The river which is running next to the pub has overflown in the past and spread out into the restaurant. Darren says, “It was like another river had formed just down the road.”

The Magna Charta Flooded in 2012

The Magna Charta Flooded in 2012

“I haven’t seen a lot of change to be honest. We’ve had a wooden defence installed, which isn’t exactly the greatest thing to stop the water coming in, but that’s been one of the only things which has been done.” – Darren Bowler at The Magna Charta pub



With heavy rain predicted for the weekend, the Nottinghamshire County Council and Environment Agency have advised those at risk to protect themselves as much as possible.

If you’ve been affected by floods in Nottingham please tweet us at @CBJNews.

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