Cash-free travel in Nottingham set into motion

Kangaroo card image for onlineCash-free travel in Nottingham could be set to change by the end of the year with plans to introduce a pre-paid card onto the network.


There are currently a number of cards that allow for cash-free travel, but they have their limits. The Mango card only applies to routes run by Trent Barton, while the Kangaroo card can be used across all forms of public transport, but only for a specified period of time.

It’ll help you budget, and it helps you find out where your money is going.” Thomas Radford, NTU Student

The card that will be changed is the Citycard. Cash can be put onto this card and commuters will be able to tag on and tag off any form of transport, with money  being deducted whenever the card is used.


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