Paddy Tipping warning over ‘NekNominate’ craze

NEW-PADDYThe NekNominate drinking game is a craze that has seemingly swept the nation and been plastered all over social media. Its now become a concern for Nottinghamshire Police.


Paddy Tipping wants the craze nipped in the bud swiftly, to avoid the risk of more people causing harm to themselves. Its a snowball effect which seems to be spiralling out of control. However, recent reports of tragic deaths should deter people from buckling under peer pressure. Paddy Tipping advises ‘if your mates are doing it, just be confident to say no’.

“Its daft to do tricks, play stunts, that put you in a serious position” – Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire Police & Crime Commissioner

The extremities of NekNominate
The extremities of NekNominate

Social Media has been the catalyst for the spread of NekNominate, sharing the accomplishment with friends is a big part of the novelty.

The small handful of young people who lost their lives as a direct result of the challenge include Isaac Richardson from Essex, and Stephen Brookes from Cardiff. Both men in the twenties downed a cocktail which contained numerous high percentage alcohol spirits, and died later in hospital.

The student community in particular have taken to the craze. The drinking culture at University unsurprisingly increasing the likelihood.

NekNominate has spread throughout Social Media.

NekNominate has spread throughout Social Media.

However, Nottingham-Trent University student Matt Maddren believes the craze is out of control.

On a more positive note, some people have been putting a twist on the challenge by opting for a RAKNominate instead. RAK standing for ‘Random Act of Kindness’ is when someone does something kind, and then challenges someone else to do the same. Therefore, despite making negative headlines its hoped this new trend could have some light at the end of the tunnel.

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