NTU lecturers threaten legal action over docked pay

picture-still-editThe University and College Union have threatened legal action against Nottingham Trent University, who docked their pay for striking.


The Nottingham Trent branch of the University and College Union (UCU) is set to take legal action against the University. This is in order to recover money which they believe has been unlawfully deducted from one day’s pay.

Members of the University and College Union went on strike for a full day on Monday. This came after a recent strike in which lecturers left University for a period of two hours but were consequently docked a full day’s pay.

Nottingham Trent University is one of 11 institutions, who’s union members have decided to extend their strike because of the on-going dispute. These include the University of Aberdeen, Bradford, Manchester, Staffordshire, and Queen Mary’s in London.

The original initiative of the strike action was to protest against the 1% pay rise. Members of the University and College Union felt this was an insufficient increase in pay considering recent rates of inflation currently standing at 2.1%. In real terms University staff have had their pay cut by 13% since the economic crisis began in 2008.

All this has come at a time when it was revealed that Neil Gorman, vice chancellor at NTU was given a 7% pay rise last year ahead of his retirement this coming summer. This has fuelled more anger amongst lecturers, which was expressed at the strikes.

‘Students probably don’t realise how tough it is for a lot of lecturers’ – Patrick Connellan

The NTU Branch secretary of the University & Colleges Union was particularly critical of how the University has conducted itself.

Further disruptions are to be expected, with University bosses being accused of using bullying tactics to prevent staff from striking. NTU responded by saying that anyone striking would be in breach of their employment contract and that they would act accordingly.

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