Nottinghamshire Police support Internet Safety Day

safer useNottinghamshire Police are supporting the 11th anniversary of the international event Let’s Create a Better Internet Together!


This annual event aims to emphasize the importance of keeping children and young people safe from the various dangers of using the internet and to encourage parents to discuss these dangers with their children.

In a recent survey by the Israel Internet Association, 80% of adults feel the internet is an unsafe place for children and youth. According to the survey, adults believe the main threats to children and youth online include exposure to pornographic content and sexual harassment as well as boycotts, verbal bullying and exposure to violence.

Parents are called to question things about what their children are looking at online, who their children are speaking to and what they are posting on the internet. There are also various websites offering advice on the protection of children.

Nottinghamshire Police have made a checklist for parents to check for their child’s safety:

A good checklist to begin with is:

  • Will your child know if something happening online is wrong?
  • Who is your child talking to?
  • What is your child posting online or sending via their mobile phone or tablet?
  • Have you set parental controls?
  • Can you see what your children are doing online?
  • Have you considered who they are talking to via their games console?

Detective Inspector Martin Hillier said the project is not to scare but to inform:

“It because your kids are in the house doesn’t necessarily mean that they are safe from people who want to manipulate them – particularly if the child is vulnerable. The aim is to raise awareness so that parents feel comfortable to talk with their children about the dangers and help them to spot anything amiss and report it. “

Police also want to emphasise that smartphones and tablets have just as much exposure to internet abuse as a computer. Parents should run their checks on all devices to check the necessary restrictions are in place.

For more information, visit CEOP’s thinkuknow website.

Oliver Loe, Cara May-Cole and Gabi Melendez

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