Nottingham backlash against ‘#NekNomination’ trend

Drinking-picThe number of people refusing to participate in the popular online drinking craze ‘NekNomination’ is growing through an online campaign to warn people of the dangers involved.


The idea behind the game is to film yourself drinking, or ‘necking’, a pint of alcohol and then nominate two friends to do the same. In the majority of cases drinks consist of numerous spirits, as well as other, more dangerous, ingredients.

Videos of the risky new craze can be found all over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with a number of participants going as far as to consume motor oil, bleach, mould remover, urine, washing up liquid and even faeces.

“People need to be very aware that toxic substances are not for consumption by humans.” – Alex Bunting of FASA Forum for Action on Substance Abuse.

‘NekNomination’, otherwise known as Neck and Nominate, is rumoured to have first been played in Australia before reaching Wales and then the rest of the UK. By late-December 2013 it had become a popular social media drinking game.

‘Disgusting Mixture’

After the high profile deaths of Irish teenager Jonny Byrne, 19, and Stephen Brooks, a 29 year old man from Cardiff, a growing number of people have decided to take a stand against the deadly trend.

“Think of the things you are doing… Our whole family is devastated and our lives will never be the same again” – Jonny Byrne’s father.

Rather than downing a disgusting mixture of alcohol, some participants have filmed themselves drinking tea, coffee, orange juice and water. Protesters then urge others to ignore the phenomenon for their own safety.

‘Dog Food’

The moment Ashley Aberneithe decided to take a stand against #NekNomination

Facebook user Ashley Aberneithe had been nominated, but refused to take part. In his ‘NekNomination’ video he proclaimed:

“I’ve seen it all now to be honest. People necking p***, people necking dog food, goldfish, other peoples p***, disgusting amounts of alcohol in a pint glass. I’m not one for not getting involved but it’s now getting a bit out of hand… But I will neck my coffee and go to work! Cheers!”

Harry Hammett, a student at Nottingham Trent University shared Aberneithe’s opinion:

‘The Reputation’

Whilst many are saying no to their nomination, the majority of people aren’t afraid to take the challenge and are willingly accepting their selection. Dale Fallows, a recently nominated student from NTU, had this to say:

“I don’t want to be forced into a contest, but I like to get involved probably because of the peer pressure associated with it as it’s your friends who nominate you to do it.”

As the reputation of the game worsens by the day, the number of people refusing to take the #NekNomination challenge rises. Whilst the craze will undoubtedly continue for at least a month or two, it appears to be on its way out.

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