Nottingham grandad’s degree takes 43 years

Graduate-editMichael Poyzer, from Carlton, started studying at the Open University in 1971. He finally graduated this year with a science and technology degree.


A grandfather from Nottingham has achieved a degree after 43 years of studying.

In those 43 years, he took time out to have three children, run his own business  and write a novel.

He is now considering to take a master’s degree in creative writing at Nottingham Trent University.

It took him nearly as long as it did to build the Taj Mahal, Hadrian’s Wall and the Humber Bridge combined.

Mr Poyzer left Forest Fields Grammar School at 16 to become an apprentice at  the old Raleigh bike factory in Triumph Road, Radford.

He was in the first cohort of 25,000 students who started at the Open University in 1971, when it was set up, the same year that decimal currency was introduced.

At the time, studying with the Open University involved sitting up into the early morning waiting for TV tutorials from lecturers in tank tops.

Although courses are now delivered online and through other media, the concept remains to allow people to do a university degree over a longer time,  fitting it around their life.

Story courtesy of the Nottingham Post

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