British Heart Foundation raise awareness of heart problems

Untitled-1British Heart Foundation has named February as heart awareness month as their latest campaign to raise money for cardiac research.


Ramp up the Red is the first event of the month. People across the country are going to work and school today in red themed fancy dress to raise money for the charity.

In Nottingham city centre, cardiac nurses are offering free blood pressure checks at British Heart Foundation shops.

blood-pressure-onlineJo Brentall- Community Heart Nurse, Nottingham City Care

Nottingham City Hospital and Queens Medical Centre both have large cardiac units. The Cardiac Support Group at City Hospital supports over one hundred people with heart conditions.  According to the group, there is not enough awareness of the symptoms of heart problems.

Geoffrey Slater- Trustee of Nottingham Cardiac Support Group


British Heart Foundation wants to encourage people who don’t normally get their blood pressure checked to get it done.

“There aren’t any symptoms of high blood pressure, it is often known as the silent killer.” – Jo Brentnall, Cardiac Nurse.

There is a lot of publicity about obesity related heart problems, however nurse Jo Brentnall says cultural background and lifestyle are also important factors.

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