University students take part in charity sleepout

untitledNottingham Trent Students are preparing to sleep rough for one night in order to raise money for charity and highlight homelessness.

Students will sleep out in front of the student union building overnight on Friday February 7 as part of the Sleep Out event organised by the union’s Raise & Giving fundraising team.
Each student taking part is required to raise at least £20 in sponsorship, with the proceeds being split between YMCA, Nottingham Trent University RaG charity, The John van Geest cancer research centre and Nottingham Trent Women’s Rugby club.
Tom Hogan, 21, from Radford, decided to take part in the sleep out after a bet by his friend.
He said: “I heard about the sleep out event and thought it was a great idea and for a good cause.
“I mentioned it to my mate Jake one evening whilst we were watching TV and he dared me to do it and said he would give me a tenner if I did it.
“Clearly he was expecting me to say no way, but having already thought about doing it previously, it then became an easy decision.
“In under a week I have managed to raise £55 and am hoping to try and hit £100 before the end of Friday”.
Homelessness both nationally and locally has been on the rise in recent years, with Nottingham having suffered particularly badly.
According to recently published figures by Nottingham Hostels Liaison group, the number of homeless people in the city has risen by almost a quarter to more than 600, which is the highest figure since 2009.
It is estimated that a third of people who are homeless are under 25.
Louise Darby, who is fundraising manager at homeless charity Framework, said: “We welcome all efforts by students and the University to help tackle and raise awareness of this growing problem.
“I think it’s a really good initiative and hope it will be a real eye-opener for students into the daily realities of being homeless.
“At a time like this when there is such a worrying rise in young people in particular living on the streets, events such as this are extremely important and could not have come at a better time”
So far students have raised almost £1200 and are encouraging those who have not yet donated to do so as soon as possible.
To make a donation visit raise2give

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