Nottinghamshire Police put 999 online

Crime-onlineVictims of crime are now able to follow police progress in solving their case via the internet. Police hope ‘Track my crime’ will provide a more personal service.


The website can be accessed 24 hours a day by victims who have reported crime. The system also allows response officers to keep in touch with victims, even when they are off duty. Sergeant Paul Grant helped set up the site.

“A lot of response officers like myself work all different shifts…we work night shifts, and only work a restricted amount of hours during office hours, so it was quite difficult for officers to update victims of crime at a time that is appropriate to them.” – Sgt Paul Grant, Nottinghamshire Police Response Officer

Response officers who work the night shift, feel the most important factor for victims of crime is communication.

Sgt. Grant emphasises the importance of getting the balance right between users of the system and people who prefer to talk or meet officers:

Nottinghamshire Police hope the scheme will save money because it will reduce officers time writing letters and phoning to update victims, allowing for more time on patrol.

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