Nottingham Trent RAG week’s ‘Walk of Shame’

escape-and-evade[1]Today marks the fourth day of RAG week where students will be doing the ‘walk to shame’ into university wearing last night’s fancy dress.


The end of the week is fast approaching, but this won’t stop students at Nottingham Trent University from continuing to raise money.

Over the last four days RAG has seen a fundraising fair, speed-dating, pole-dancing and much more. Organisers and members of the student union have been working hard all week to put on activities and events in order to raise money for their selected charities.

Priya Rathoor a student from Nottingham Trent will be taking part in ‘The Walk of Shame’ today.

”Basically I’m wearing my Ocean outfit into Uni to raise awareness and money for RAG. I went out last night as a banana, so if you see me walking around the University –  I’m not crazy.”

RAG President Carrie Bater believes the week is a positive way of giving back to organisations and getting students involved. Those involved are hoping to beat last years grand total of  £18, 761.80 and with support from Nottingham Trent’s Libraries they deem this possible.

The Library team have agreed that overdue library fine payments will be donated to the cause, helping raise even more money. It is hoped that student will want to use their fines as a way of giving to charity.

The John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre has been selected as RAG’s chosen charity and will be benefiting from the money made out of the library fines as well as a proportion of the overall amount raised.

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